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Hand painted portraits make unique family heirlooms that last for generations. If you are interested in having me create one for you , begin by contacting me through the email address dfarishstudio@yahoo.com. I will get back with you to discuss the particulars. Below is a starting point for my prices. Prices are subject to change without notice.


                                                   Price For Oils     
Head and shoulders portrait                                                                  11x14  $200

Figure Portrait (Face and Hands)                                                      16x20  $300

Full Figure Portrait                                                                                18x24  $400

                                                  Price For Pencil

Head and shoulders portrait_________________________________9x12  $75

Figure Portrait (Face and Hands)                                                      11x14  $150


For an additional subject on the same portrait add 80% to the final cost. Detailed backgrounds containing recognizable objects count as a subject.

When choosing a photo to use as a subject, keep in mind the ones that produce the best results are going to be 3/4 poses lit by a single light source from an angle. This shows the form sufficiently and creates more interest.                               

    Copyright Derrick Farish. All rights reserved.